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Rossella Russo

Rossella was born in Puglia where she started to study classical and contemporary dance. In 2010 she moved to Bologna in order to attend the “Dance Start Up” Program for dancers. Then, she started to collaborate with the Leggere Strutture Dance Company’s productions. She attended the course of DAMS-Teatro at the University of Bologna and working in the Leggere Strutture Factory as an assistant and collaborator.

She works to the organization of the courses, the workshops, the stages, the shows and the artistic performances of Leggere Strutture and Art Factory International porgramme.

Furthermore, she curates the promotion and the communication on the web and the social networks; she is also skilled in graphics. She is inquiring and dynamic, and always tries to imagine and organize new projects by putting together her artistic passion and her attention to details.

In June 2015 she participated in a workshop with the choreographer Claudia Castellucci – Raffaello Sanzio Company, organized by the Venice Dance Biennale and directed by Virgilio Sieni.

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