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A.F.I. program


For over 10 years, Art Factory International has been offering participants the opportunity to build their own artistic identity with solid technical and creative foundations through our international professional training program for contemporary dancers. The program consistently has had an open and up-to-date vision of the international dance and performing arts scenes, promoting dance excellence and aiming to disseminate the art and culture of dance in order to train individuals prepared for future entry into the artistic and professional world.

The program is structured in 8 intensive months of training from October to May, with participants carrying out daily training from Monday to Friday from 9 am to 3:30 pm, which includes a variety of classes in ballet, contemporary dance, floorwork, contact, capoeira, composition, repertoire, and improvisation. They are accompanied by specific seminars in somatic and body movement such as Feldenkrais®, BMC®bodymindcentering, osteopathy applied to dance, as well as the inclusive/physically integrated dance with the atelier CorpoPoetico®.

Additionally, the training program includes a session of seminars on cultural production activities and creative management tools for dancers researching and experimenting with contemporary body languages, dramaturgy, and self-entrepreneurship. We also offer a short Italian language seminar for dancers who wish to learn the basics in order to facilitate their greater integration and social inclusion with the city.

Each month the program hosts international guests for one full week. This season we are proud to host six international choreographers who will contribute to the professional and artistic growth of the trainees. In addition, two artists are invited in the program for a period of Artistic Residence within the Art Factory International venue in order to create a performance piece, open to the public, to be presented at the CRUDO FESTIVAL 2024 in Bologna.

Our teachers and guests are established international artists in full swing with the creations and productions, thus maintaining the program’s technical, creative, and artistic level updated and in line with the trends of dance, contemporaneity and future performing languages.

A.F.I. born from an artistic project as a platform that allows for the passing, change, and transformation that occurs in the phase of personal and individual growth, the AFI training program allows each student to shape their own artistic identity in constant evolution, and to be able to pursue their career and create international action networks starting from a wholesome and consolidated environment.

Program Structure

Daily Plan

The program develops on daily basis from Monday to Friday from 9am until 3.30pm, including a 45-minute lunch break.

The mornings are usually dedicated to classical ballet or capoeira classes, followed by contemporary dance, floorwork, improvisation and choreographic composition.

In the occasion of the seminars, the courses are fully committed to the subject and are arranged with a full day or a half day schedule.

Workshops | Residencies Plan

We have scheduled monthly workshops with international choreographers, the duration of which ranges from 4 days to an intense full week.

The artists’ residencies take up between 2- 3 weeks, with a full-time schedule, giving rise to a presentation open to the public in Art Factory International’s performative space.

Annual Plan

The program takes up 8 months of intensive training with a full time schedule from October to May, at the conclusion of which the Attendance Certificate for AFI program is awarded.

The program observes the official holiday calendar with breaks on the following occasions:

  • 2th November 2023
  • 8th December 2023
  • 3 weeks – Christmas Holidays
  • 1 week – Easter Holidays

Contemporary dance


Contact improvisation





Individual management organization

Composition and research skills



Body conditioning


Kidd Pivot Improvisation Tools and Crystal Pite Repertoire by Jiří Pokorný

Forsythe Workshop by Thierry Guiderdoni

Marco Goecke Repertory Workshop

Forysthe Repertory > Sider by Brigel Gjoka

Gaga Workshop by Elena Bolelli

Jos Baker > from Peeping Tom

Eduardo Torroja from ULTIMA VEZ

Emanuele Rosa

International Guests


The Platform is a host to monthly Workshops and residencies featuring Internationally renowned choreographers and artists with focus on widening the attendees’ knowledge and enriching the workshop participants’ experiences, visions and professional competences.

Thierry Guiderdoni

Forsythe Improvisation Workshop

Jos Baker

from Peeping Tom

Brigel Gjoka

Forsythe Repertory Sider

Jiri Pokorny

Kidd Pivot Improvisation Tools and Crystal Pite Repertoire

Giovanni Di Palma

Marco Goecke Repertory

Elena Bolelli

Gaga Dancer Workshop

Eduardo Torroja

Ultima Vez Repertory Residency

Emanuele Rosa

Choreographer and Dancer Residency

The study guide for the season 2023/2024 is available 

Next Auditions

9th September 2023 BOLOGNA

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