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Gioia Morisco

Gioia Morisco is a freelance dancer, contemporary dance teacher  and choreographer.
She graduated in Philosophy (BA at University of Bologna – Sorbonne  University of Paris), she has a BA in Contemporary Dance(AccademiaDanza / Teatro Franco Parenti, under the direction of Susanna Beltrami, in Milan) and a Master in Contemporary Dance at Arsenale Danza (The Venice Dance Biennale, under the artistic direction of Ismael Ivo).
Over the years she has collaborated and performed with various  international artists such as Ismael Ivo, Kenji Takagi, Geyvan McMillen,  Tan Temel Istanbul Dance Theatre, Josè Navas Compagnie Flak, Daniel Lèveillé, Inaki Azpillaga, Ryuzo Fukuhara, Jasmeen Godder, Itzik Galili and with Manfredi Perego by Tir Danza.

For more than five years she has worked as role dancer at Artemis Danza  Company of Monica Casadei and for others five years at CZD, Roberto Zappalà Dance Company.

From 2011 she has been teaching Movement Research & Body Dramaturgy for several professional training courses including Modem and Modem Pro, at Scenario Pubblico with Roberto Zappalà in Catania Italy, as well as at the Art Factory International and Anfibia programs, artistic director Carlo Massari in Bologna Italy.

He teaches floor work and movement seminars at various levels as well as  a successful workshop course aimed at the Over 50’s. Together with her colleague Martina La Ragione she creates and leads UDT, Urban Dance  Training, a movement elaboration path in relation to urban spaces and


Movement Research & Body Dramaturgy

This course offers a particular dance training in which movement  research, technical skills and expressiveness are linked and constantly mixed together aiming at embody ideas.

The methodology follows a stratification process: improvisation tools, choreographic phrases, study of gestures and composition follows the /try-observe-analyze-share /sequence.

The goal is to let the dancers feel free to be creative and propositive, improve and reach a high technical level while being able to fully engage their body.