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This year Art Factory International will perform a platform within its spaces under the name of Spazio CRUDO.

During the training period, international artists will shape their creations and residencies with AFI participants, with the pieces premiering at CRUDO space.

CRUDO has been envisioned as a neutral space where sharing and hosting young professional figures is made possible.

A space envisaged at connecting artistic and critical domains, as well as presenting first run and performance premieres.



The residency will focus on the energetic and physical repertory vocabulary from the three first pieces of Ultima Vez: “What the Body Does Not Remember”, “Les Porteuses de mauvaises nouvelles” and “The weight of a hand”. It is about movement “as a theatrical act”.
Participants will follow the creation process going from the origins of the material, the working transitions until the final performed results. This vocabulary will be also the starting point to a guided development of the participants’ own choreographic work. Creating their compositions through the form, the emotion, the strong theatrical atmosphere and the intention of the proposed material.
We will explore and confront this material through improvisations, floorwork, contact and partner work, group forms and objects’ manipulation. To arrive to This vocabulary will also be the starting point with a wide range of concepts such as: tension, instinct, chaos, sensuality, risk, trust, protection, dependency, power, strategies, neutrality, physical extremes.

By Eduardo Torroja

Eduardo Torroja born in Madrid, Spain, where he studied dance and theatre. In 1986 he moved to Brussels to collaborate with Wim Vandekeybus as a choreography assistant, trainer and performer for the very first Ultima Vez productions “What The Body Does Not Remember”(1987), “Les Porteuses de Mauvaises Nouvelles”(1989), “The Weight of a Hand”(1990), “Blush”(2002) and “Sonnic Boom”(2003) and the film “Roseland”(1991). During the nineties, he worked with Rosas – Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker in “Erts” and “Mozart -Concertaria’s: Un Moto di Gioia”. And also with Needcompany – Jan Lauwers – Grace Ellen Barkey in “Rood-Red- Rouge”, “Morning Song”, “The Miraculous Mandarin”, “Caligula” and “King Lear”.
Has restaged and directed the Ultima Vez remakes of “What The Body Does Not Remember” (1995, 2002 and 2013) and “Les Porteuses de Mauvaises Nouvelles”(2004). He is given Ultima Vez repertoire workshops in Leuven, Volgograd, Brussels, Madrid, Amsterdam, Seville, Rotterdam, Lisbon, Tokyo, Sao Paulo, Seoul, etc…


Emanuele was born in Genova (Italy). He starts his career at a young age, dancing professionally for several international companies, among others: Junior Balletto di Toscana (IT), Imperfect Dancers Company (IT), Landestheater Linz (AT), Staatstheater Darmstadt (DE), Hessisches Staatsballett (DE), Skånes Dansteater (SE), CCN Rillieux-la-Pape/Yuval Pick (FR). In 2017 he started freelancing and worked for the companies Compagnia Abbondanza/ Bertoni (IT), Tanztheater Erfurt (DE), R14/ JulienGrosvalet (FR) and C&C Company (IT).

Emanuele works with choreographers, such as: Cristal Pyte, Richard Siegal, Alexander Ekman, Itzik Galili, Marco Goecke, Yuval
Pick, Claude Brumachone, Tim Plegge, Marguerite Donlon, Ben Wright, Mei Hong Lin, Robert North, Emanuele Soavi, Cristina
Rizzo, Ester Ambrosino and others.

As choreographer Emanuele creates: Ribelle for Agora Coaching Project (Italy) with Carlo Massari, Meat Me and As if, I have missed
myself (Bora Bora – Dans og visuelt teater production) with the choreographer Fabio Liberti, Hell Sweet Hell, for the Collective Tabata, finalist at Premio Equilibrio Roma 2018, I Killed Adam in eight counts (2017), winner of the second prize at the Contemporary Choreographic Contest Principi Attivi, guest at SOLOCOREOGRAFICO, dance Showcase and Award 2017 and selected for the
Festival Sumar, Cordoba (Argentina), Sin Ofensa (2016) and Eutanasia di Ruoli (2015) both created for Läd Naid Sürpries Darmstadt

Emanuele gives professional classes and workshops in Italy and Europe, among others: CCNR/Yuval Pick (FR), Agora Coaching
Project (IT), MOVEMENT – Koinè Danza (IT) and the International Festival IFMC Vitebsk (BL) where is also invited as a member of the jury in the XXXII edition of the competition (November 2019).