IMG_503Lara was born in Milan. When she moved to Barcelona, she met the choreographer Mercedes Boronat who introduced her to the world of dance-theatre and to the study of the movement from the individual personality. Thus, she has become keen on the free and experimental dance and attended various courses of contemporary dance, butoh dance and contact improvisation. Later, she went to Berlin to attend a professional dance school. She has lived there for 5 years, collaborating with various artists as a dancer, choreographer and assistant director. She currently teaches contemporary dance and contact improvisation in Bologna, perpetuating her artistic research both in the photo/video and performance fields. She is interested in the choreographic research as a chance to meet other artists and a possibility to develop new ways of expression. Her current field of investigation ranges from the site-specific to the interaction with the plastic arts and with live musicians. In 2013, she performed with Alessia Lovreglio the show ALLUMIN-IO and won the *GD’A *giovani danza autori prize.

Teaching: contemporary dance, contact improvisation, postural technique and choreographic workshops.
“For me, it is important to give to my students the essential work instruments in order to continue their research. Our body’s consciousness, our techniques and possibilities for the achievement of an aim are endless. I’m interested in the fact that each student can explore his/her own limitations, difficulties and facilities through the group, in order to build its own path of investigation. Furthermore, I continue to grow up with my students”.