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DUO2015 of William Forsythe

with Riley Watts, Elizabeth Waterhouse, Brigel Gjoka

Bill Cooper©

Brigel Gjoka and Riley Watts, both former dancers of The Forsythe Company,
practicing for long time together, are face to the practice of entrainment as a form of progressive work, reaching a level of interrogation on how connections, composition, rule breaking and listening can create a dialogue between individuals. The work will be focused on explaining and exploring how connections can be acquired through entrainment. “DUO2015” is the latest work of William Forsythe in which both artist are facing and confronting each other in constant research for new dimensions of being creative.

In this residency we have also Elizabeth Waterhouse, a dance theorist and also a former dancer of The Forsythe Company. Since 2014 Waterhouse has collaborated with Bettina Bläsing at the University of Bielefeld, exploring how research of William Forsythe`s choreography “Duo,” made with consultation from the dancers, can productively contribute to the science of entrainment. In this residency, Waterhouse brings her perspective of the science of entrainment, as well as her experience bridging theory and practice. Working with Gjoka, Watts, and the participants, she asks: What skills have “Duo” dancers cultivated, and how do these define their sociality and sense of self? And, more generally, how do expectations and procedures of research differ between dancers and scholars?

Riley Watts


Elizabeth Waterhouse

Dominik Mentzos©


Brigel Gjoka

Armand Habazaj©


From 28th to 29th October

time: 10am to 4pm


The workshop is open to a limited number of participants.

Applicants need to submit a full C.V to:



Art Factory International

Via della Casa Buia 4/A Bologna