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Method Feldenkrais®

with Teri Weikel

The Feldenkrais® Method and Floor Work Workshop held by Teri Wekeil aims to achieve a deeper knowledge of body’s work, as well as the improvement of skills concerning the expression and energy of movement. The workshop focuses on three interconnected elements: the Method Feldenkrais®, the Floor Work technique and its standing variant, providing to dance language poetry a deeper understanding. The FM® is indeed a particular learnig process based on the deep integration between movement, sensation and thought, through enjoyable and unusual movement aiming to obtain an organized body. Exploring the transitions among different poses, is possible to achieve a major “awareness through the movement”. Breath, self perception, flexibility and space orientation are all leading elements to improvement.

A Floor Work technique experience is proposed with the intent of getting in touch with the structure of one’s own body, investigating its limits and possibilities, payng attention to the spiral’s dinamics and to the anatomic basis of the skeletal structure, in order to better explore the three-dimensional functionality of human bodies, as well as the advantages of movement in its relationship with the floor and space. The third part of the lesson concerns a part of choreographic sequences.

Teri Weikel choreographer, dancer and Feldenkrais teacher, she began her career working as a choreographer and dancer at the Donald Byrd and the Group Company, Gus Solomons Dance Co, Karol Armitage, the Cal-Arts Dance Ensemble, Dance/L.A., San Diego Dance Theatre. From 1986 to 2006, she was the artistic director of TIR Danza in Modena. She has curated the choreography for several performances and par- ticipated to the most important Festivals.