Alessio Damiani

Teacher of Classical ballet

Alessio Damiani was born in Palermo and he started there his classical and Modern dance studies. During 2012/2014 he moved in Reggio Emilia to take part of Agora Coaching Project, a contemporary formation directed by Michele Merola. There he worked with many international choreographers, such as: Michele Merola, Enrico Morelli, Manuele Soavi, Karl Alfred Schreiner, Ed Wubbe, Jean Christophe Maillot, Francesco Nappa, Giuseppe Spota. Since 2013 he is working with Compagnia Palermo in Danza directed by Santina Pellitteri Franco. In 2016 he worked in some projects with Strado Compagnia Danza in Ulm directed by Domenico Strazzeri where he worked as dancer and choreographer. Since 2013 he started also to work in some schools as classical and contemporary teacher.